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Paul Lagasi
12-27-2009, 03:54 PM
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I guess this topic just isn't going to die....now the government is involved..

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Subject: Presqu'ile - Barred Owls and baiting with mice.
From: "Bree, David (MNR)" <david.bree AT ontario.ca>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 08:24:55 -0500

There are a record number of Barred Owls in Presqu'ile at the moment.Eleven birds were tallied on the Christmas Bird Count on the weekend.It has also been brought to my attention that some photographers are"baiting" the owls with live mice in order to get better pictures. Theethics of this have been debated in the past and I don't intend to do soagain. However as a Provincial Park we do have some different rulesgoverning our land base and while I am not an enforcement officer I havemade some enquiries regarding the legality of this practice. I offerthe following as food for thought. It is illegal to: - feed wildlife in the park without written permission from thesuperintendent- leave animal attractants out in the park- capture and hold native species of mice In additionIf the mice are store-bought and are being used in this way there ispotential for charges under the Ontario Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals Act. It is also illegal to harass wildlife which might occur if someone wascontinuously flushing an owl to try and get a picture. I certainly want people to come into the park and enjoy the chance tosee and take pictures of owls and other wildlife but I also want peopleto do so in a responsible manner. Please be respectful of the park, itsenvironment and its wildlife. Thank You David David BreeNatural Heritage Education (NHE) LeaderPresqu'ile Provincial Park328 Presqu'ile ParkwayBrighton, ON K0K 1H0Tel: (613) 475-4324 ext. 225Fax: (613) 475-2209 _______________________________________________ONT BIRDS is presented by the Ontario Field Ornithologists - the provincial birding organization. Send bird reports to ONTBIRDS mailing list ONTBIRDS AT hwcn.orgFor information about ONTBIRDS visit http://www.ofo.ca/</PRE>

Roy Priest
12-27-2009, 05:01 PM
Paul, I just get the signin page for Yahoo live.

Jackie Schuknecht
12-29-2009, 10:48 PM
Besides this Paul, I would say a number of real beginner photographer's are actually harrassing them by getting in so close to shoot that they fly away, yet they continue to pursue.