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Shawn P. Carey
11-20-2009, 01:05 PM
Nature Photographers (Photo & Video) Photosharing Session #22

96 Holton Street
Brighton, MA 02135
617-254-0770 x227

Date: Saturday November 28, 2009
Social Hour: 4:30 PM
Photosharing: 5:30 PM

This will be the second time at my new office which is just the other side of the Mass Pike from my old office for those that attend the Photosharing there.

Once people arrive we will order out for pizza cost is $5. per person.

Also please bring your own drinks and if anyone would like to brings some snacks or desert that would be great.


I will have two new video projectors for this event, one is a LCD projector native resolutions is 1024 x 768.

The other is a DLP projector, native resolution is 1920 x 1080 (wide screen)

Both look good however the DLP projector looks VERY GOOD! :)

YOU MUST contact me if you wish to show images, I need to have an idea of how many people want to present.

You are welcome to arrive with just a memory stick/thumb drive and we can show your digital images via Adobe Lightroom or Apple iPhoto.
Everyone is welcome and if you wish to show 35mm slides, digital images, prints or video please contact me so I know how many people want to show their work.
I will provide LCD video projector for presenting your images and 35mm slide projector but only if requested.

You do not have to show images to attend - everyone is welcome.

***NOTE*** You may show as many images as you want however there will be a time limit of 10 minutes per person.

If you wish to attend send me an e-mail or PM and I will forward directions.

Thanks :)