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denise ippolito
07-01-2009, 10:08 PM
This face inside is crying but there's not much I can do
I try to stop the thoughts I feel, they all come back to you

This ache inside is beating me, I'll try to see it through
Forgive the words he never said, I promise to be true

Step out of this I beg myself, I'm tired of feeling blue
I long the day that I can say, I never needed you

Pull back the hold he left behind, it's something I must do
Release the hurt inside of me - the start of something new

Ákos Lumnitzer
07-01-2009, 10:13 PM
I know exactly what you are saying. So many people suffer at times and your wonderful words capture that perfectly. They inspire me to add:

My heart is breaking as I read
The sad words, that they are indeed
Look forward to another day
A smile, and joy, come what may

You can only feel the warmth
That life for you will now behold
To live a long and happy life
With laughter, love but never strife

denise ippolito
07-01-2009, 10:21 PM
Akos, That is so sweet!! I don't know how you just come up with these poems!!

Ákos Lumnitzer
07-01-2009, 10:26 PM
Easy! Well, I don't want to sound cocky. I don't know to be honest. :o I just love this stuff somehow.

I was meant to add that the image you placed with your poem is super! Your talents are out of this world, that's all I can say. You are an inspiration to anyone privileged enough to know you!

Julie Kenward
07-03-2009, 04:37 PM
Denise, if that's not a love ballad I don't know what is. I'd get an agent, girl...

Jackie Schuknecht
07-03-2009, 04:57 PM
Kinda sad D. I recognize the pic. Love the treatment and not being much of a wordsmith I do however like your words. The cadence is nice and you convey your meaning in a short space of time ( my favourite ...- don't give me windy):) with images evoked from the words.

denise ippolito
07-03-2009, 05:00 PM
Thankyou Julie and Jackie, Your kind words are soooo appreciated. Love that line Jackie!!

Eric Virkler
07-08-2009, 08:58 PM
Denise, Very well done. I could feel the hurt. Excellently written.

Eric Virkler
Faces of Nature Photography

denise ippolito
07-08-2009, 09:23 PM
Thankyou so much Eric. I appreciate your kind words.