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Stuart Frohm
06-07-2009, 05:12 AM
Although not bird-related, the following might be of interest to some of the photographers who frequent this forum. Also: Photographers who enjoy capturing images of flowers and plants, please be advised that Dow Gardens is next door to the Midland Center for the Arts, and that Dahlia Hill is a short drive away. The dahlias are not yet blooming. Website http://www.dowgardens.org/

At the Midland Center for the Arts in Midland, Michigan, through July 19 are:
1. Midland The City of Architecture: A Photography Exhibition (a juried exhibit of photos by Michigan photographers).
2. Frozen Music: Frank Gehry and the Walt Disney Music Hall
3. Materializing the Immaterial: The Architecture of Wallace Cunningham
4. Sharpening the Focus: Alden B. Dow Through the Lens of Elmer Astleford

Through August 2, also at the Midland Center for the Arts, there's this exhibit:
Building Images: Seventy Years at Hedrick Blessing.

Another exhibit, through July 19, is work by Detroit artist Russell Dunbar, who won the solo exhibition award at the 2008 Greater Michigan Art Exhibition. His superb work inspires me as a photographer. I think that it probably would justify your visit to the exhibit even if the other exhibits didn't exist.

The website of the Center for the arts is www.mcfta.org (http://www.mcfta.org).
Details on days and hours of operation and on photographic restrictions are at http://www.mcfta.org/C_MCFTA/VisitorInfo.html#Hours

Please note that in June, July, August and a few early September days, the galleries are closed
Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays and also are closed on June 28 through July 5 and Sept. 4-7.

Although two of my photos are in the Midland architectural exhibit, and one took second prize in its adult category, I am not an employee of the Midland Center for the Arts, Dow Gardens or Dahlia Hill, and my photos in the architectural exhibit are not for sale.