View Full Version : Skagit Barn and Trumpeters

Terry Olmsted
01-28-2008, 11:35 PM
Taken on a frosy and hazy morning on Fir Island, near Conway, Washington. Nov. 30, 2007

Canon XTi 400mm f5.6 1/800s f5.6 ISO 800 one-shot AF ctr-weighted avg metering ex co 0

Alfred Forns
01-29-2008, 05:06 PM
Hi Terry I like the careful framing and mood Very special The birds further enhance the image Sure wish there was less overlap on the front two birds

I like the PS work I think is very easy to ruin a beautiful image with over manipulation Congrats !!!

Terry Olmsted
01-29-2008, 07:58 PM
Thanks very much, Al. Those darn birds - I told them not to overlap :).
The settings on the Skagit Flats are really quite wonderful. My goal is to try to capture them as I see them.
Thanks again.

Robert Amoruso
01-30-2008, 08:01 PM

I like the balance of the elements in this image a lot. Not sure about the swans in front of the building but like the ones to the right. Nice use of layers in the FG below the building. A bit flat in contrast though. Try some local contrast enhancement. I would have included a bit more of the tall tree on the left and not cut the trunk.

From: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/contrast-enhancement.shtml
Try the following setting using the Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop:
Amount — 20%
Radius — 50
Threshold — 0
The Radius setting is the dividing line between the small scale and large scale contrast differences. Amount is the amount by which you are increasing the small scale differences, and the Threshold is set at zero to minimize artifacts.

David Kennedy has been recommending similar.