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Jim Poor
01-14-2008, 09:33 AM
I just signed up to take a slot that came open due to a cancellation.

Has anyone been on one of these? The trip I will be on is to FL for FL Birds in March.

I don't imagine I'll have much need for many of my shorter lenses, but the instructions say "bring all your gear" for a shakedown on the first day. They make a big point of that in the email and on the phone. I'm afraid they don't quite know what the might be getting into if I bring all my gear :D

Anywho, I was wondering what advice folks might have as to "must have" items that I may not already own. I'm thinking of adding a mono pod.

I'll be taking (among other things) the following. I'll be driving so I don't have to worry about planes.

D2X, D300, D3

2X SB800 with Better Beamer
Wimberly flash Brackets (both telephoto and Wimberly head models)
Digital Camera Battery external power for the flash (on the way to me today)
R1C1 Closeup commander flash kit with 6 X SBR200 flashes
Sync Cable

600mm f4
500mm f8 mirror lens
200-400mm VR
70-300mm VR (This resides in my back up kit)
70-200mm f2.8 VR
80-400mm VR (probably going to sell this or move it to the back up kit)
105mm VR

TC 1.4 & 1.7 (I've avoided the 2.0 for now, as I haven't been real happy with reports on quality)

Old Wimberly Head

Two Gitzo Tripods (one CF one old metal one)
A couple cheap tripods to mount remote flashes on.

Laptop (MacBook Pro)
Cintique tablet
2 X 360 GB external drives
Eyeone pro
CF reader

Flash Cards
2 X Sandisk 16 GB
2 X Sandisk 8 GB
2 X Generic (Microcenter) 2GB

Quick Camo blind

Fabs Forns
01-14-2008, 03:04 PM

Being a Florida resident, I'll give you advise on what to bring to the trip, if it were me going.

D3 and D300


the 2 converters

Laptop, 1 external drive for back-up, CF reader and all your flash cards.
Flash, cord etc, Better Beamer and a tripod.
Add sunblock and bug spray and enjoy our beautiful State :)

Alfred Forns
01-14-2008, 03:14 PM
Hi JIm Is the the workshop going to be at DeSoto? I know that Laurie will be there with Moose around that time

If you will be doing shore birds might suggest to park your 600 and use the 200-400 as the long lens I have used the 600 at the beach but find it difficult to move around plus you will be using extenders The other will focus to seven feet !!!

Will be fun I should be in the area around that time If you have the time might want to contact James for a day on his boat Usually is book way ahead of time

Jim Poor
01-14-2008, 03:37 PM
Thanks. I actually grew up in FL, though it was "the other Florida" up around Ft Walton Beach. I'm going try to finagle a week on one side or the other for my wife & my parents to join me in Disney and then maybe a week to do some more photography, but that's pushing things a bit as far as time away.

The workshop is in St. Petersburg. I need to see if I can find a Marriott close to the Holiday Inn in Marina Cove the group will be using. I can stay free in Marriott hotels for a few days. I won't do it if it's too inconvenient though.

Fabs, the list you made is what I usually carry as my main kit, but I add the 10.5 just for kicks. Some days I'll bring the 14-24 instead.

As far as what to bring, I'll follow their directions and bring it all but I just wanted to make sure not to miss something else I need to pick up before hand. Most of the gear will probably sit unused for the trip, but . . .


Closer to the date we should see about saying "HI" during the trip sometime if you're around.

James Shadle
01-14-2008, 11:27 PM
I will see you in March.
Laurie Excell has asked me to take the group to one of my special places (can you say Spoonbills?)
Just don't bring all of that gear on the boat;)

Jim Poor
01-15-2008, 03:43 PM
You're gonna get 10 of us on the boat? :D

P.S. For some reason, I am not getting notification of replies on any topics. I wonder if has something to do with the move.

James Shadle
01-15-2008, 07:14 PM
Laurie told me 8.
On a big pontoon no problem.

And the mail is a little messed up due to the move.

Thanks James

Jim Poor
01-15-2008, 07:33 PM
8 is even better. More time for me to pick brains that way. Can't wait!

Christine Hudnall
01-16-2008, 12:14 AM
Jim, if I remember correctly, part of why Moose wants you to bring everything with you, is that they go through it with you, and they will tell you if they think you are missing something.

Have a fantastic time and learn lots. Stick to Moose and/or Laurie like glue! :D

Jim Poor
01-16-2008, 06:49 AM
I think you're right. Ithink they also try to tell you what you don't really need.

What about a ground pod / skimmer / beanbag?

Christine Hudnall
01-16-2008, 11:53 AM
I wouldn't buy anything else, until after, if it were me. Reason - they will go through all your equipment, find out where you want to head as a photographer, and then go from there. You are giving good money in order to get their help, let them help you learn/decide exactly what you need (and don't). :)

Jim Poor
01-16-2008, 12:06 PM
Good point.