View Full Version : It Must Be Raindrops...

Ed Vatza
09-02-2008, 06:31 PM
falling from my tired eyes (for those of you pushing my age! :D).

OK, this was my first theme for the Labor Day throwdown. But it didn't seem different enough from what I usually do. To my eyes, it didn't meet the "that is so different from our usual 'modus operandi'" requirement. After all, the flower still plays a dominant role and flowers are what I usually do. So I moved on.

But back to this image. I made this image early Saturday morning after a rainy overnight. Conditions were overcast, breezy and obviously wet. I found this flower right at the front of parking space where my car came to rest. As I looked at the flower, I was taken by this raindrop because it seemed ready to fall from the flower petal at any second. As the breeze blew the raindrop seemed to stretch and contract with the breeze. I think I can actually see the tension in the droplet. I only got to make about four images before the drop did fall to the ground.

Image made with my Canon Rebel XT; Sigma 150mm Macro lens with Sigma 1.4x TC and Kenko 20mm extension tube; and all tripod-mounted with a Novoflex Focusing Rail.

1/30 sec @ f/4; ISO 200; 0 EV; Focal length 210mm; Natural diffused light

Mike Moats
09-02-2008, 07:32 PM
Hey Ed, very nice to see you branching out into other areas with flower photography. I like the nice soft abstract look and the water drop adds a nice touch. Well done.

Gus Cobos
09-02-2008, 07:33 PM
I like the composition, image and capture Ed,
Very well done. I like the texture and the dew drop is placed just right in the frame. good show...:cool:

Julie Kenward
09-02-2008, 07:45 PM
I can't believe you didn't think this was different enough! This would have knocked me right out of the ballpark. What a beautiful macro image, Ed!!!

Anita Rakestraw
09-03-2008, 01:38 AM
Beautiful and that drop is crystal clear, Ed; and yes, I can see the tension in the raindrop too. P.S. Sending you a PM.

Aristotle Georgiou
09-03-2008, 04:35 AM
Great shot Ed! wonderful composition, nice detail on dew droplet, beautiful light and over all pleasing image to look at.

Well done.

Kaushik Balakumar
09-03-2008, 04:56 AM
Very artistic image Ed. Lovely colours. Liked the composition a lot & your idea too. Just feel that the focus plane seems to be a little behind the drop (you can see those sharp regions on the petal behind the drop). Am not sure if this was intended. Personally, if the focus plane was on the drop, it might have emphasized the drop further I feel. That apart (to me), its a winner all the way.

Ed Vatza
09-03-2008, 09:34 PM
Thanks everyone. I'm glad you all like this image.

Kaushik, I was focused in on the rain droplet. I think the tension in the drop as it bounced in the breeze caused "stretch marks" :) that makes it look s tad oof. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D