View Full Version : Welcome to BPN, Posting Suggestions

James Shadle
12-28-2007, 04:51 PM
Welcome to BPN. Our goal is to provide you with a unique learning experience, the best on the web. Our plan is to offer honest critiques, done gently. We guarantee that our staff will do everything possible to make sure that your learning experience is productive and FUN!

Here is how you can help.

When posting an image please limit the widest side to 800 pixels and ensure that it is no larger than 150kb. Images in the Panoramic Forum may be 800 x 300 pixels (but still no larger than 150kb).

To help everyone have fun and enhance the learning experience, please post data from the image capture. This should include shutter speed, aperture, AF and exposure modes, exposure compensation, and the camera, lens, and any accessories that were used. Please also note the location, the time of year, the time of day, and most importantly, the thought process behind creating the image.

When critiquing an image, please first point out the positive elements and then give your opinion as to how the image might have been improved.

When you see an image that is flawless (and that will be a very rare occurrence), don't just say "Awesome," "Best ever," or "I love it!" Be sure to let others know what you feel are the strengths of the image and exactly why you find it awesome.

Another great way to learn is to ask questions. Don't hesitate to ask us about any photographic topic. The discussion forums are designed to get your questions answered quickly and accurately.

We prefer the use of the terms "created," "photographed," or "made" to "shot" or "taken." Likewise, we prefer the terms "image" and "photograph" to "shot." "I created this image at Fort DeSoto" is greatly preferred to "I took this shot at Fort DeSoto." To all of us at BPN it is a matter of respect for what we do and what we love. We create images. Photographic equipment encompasses the tools that we use in the process of creating our images. The most important part of that process begins between our ears.

The BPN staff is here at your disposal. Please enjoy!