View Full Version : Ashland Marina, Lake Superior

Noel Carboni
08-07-2008, 11:03 PM
I like a detailed pano.

There's no way to show a wiiiide, detailed panorama in its glory here in the forum itself. So, please click through to my high resolution (yet still downsized) image.

http://forum.ourdarkskies.com/gallery_images/1190344625/med_gallery_131_14_1410112.jpg (http://forum.ourdarkskies.com/gallery_images/1190344625/gallery_131_14_1410112.jpg)

Let me know whether you can see the stitching in the water. :)

I could probably crop some off the right I suppose.


Robert Amoruso
08-08-2008, 06:40 AM

Detail is awesome and I don't see any stitching marks. Agree on a crop from the right to lose the lower right corner bush. On the lower left corner some careful quickmasking and blending could get rid of that bush as well.

What I have like to have seen is the top and bottom not so tight. At the bottom the dock is clipped and at the top that one boat's mast is a bit close making the image feel cramped. Agree that the sky is not to interesting but the tightness of the mast constrains the image.

All in all a well done pano.