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James Shadle
12-27-2007, 09:58 PM
When I conduct workshops at the St.Augustine Alligator Farm, I always try to get the group out to the Anastasia Formation.

Nikon D2X
Tokina 12-24 @ 24mm
ISO 100 Manual Exposure, Manual Focus.
4 seconds @ F22
Flash @ 0, Rear Sync with head pointed at about 325 degrees.

Nasty mornings can be awesome(sometimes)!

Michael Pancier
12-27-2007, 10:18 PM
stunning. James, when do you have the farm workshops?

Maxis Gamez
12-28-2007, 05:35 AM
This is very cool James. I really like the colors and water movement on this one. I have to check that place out next time I go up to the farm.

Jason Hahn
12-28-2007, 07:17 AM
This has such a great mood, the light is so cool in it. About the only thing I would considered changing is maybe taking a step to the left to try to include the rock that is clipped on the left side of the frame. I don't mind the right side being cut in the middle as it is part of a line of rocks, but on the left you don't have that same sense as you cannot tell if it is a single rock that got chopped by the frame edge or a similar line of rocks. Other then that really minor detail, it is a great composition, and the strong diagonal of the rocks is a super element to lead your eye in the scene.


James Shadle
12-28-2007, 09:52 AM
Thanks for pointing that out. I agree with you about the rock on the left.
I forgot and this is a crop for a custom print.
The rock is in the full frame, that is the way I printed it for Blake and Micah's wall.

Alfred Forns
12-30-2007, 04:07 AM
Great eye Jason !!!!!

Just gorgeous image Mood over the top Big Congrats Darth!!!!!

Fabs Forns
12-30-2007, 08:43 PM
I would love to know this location, certainly worth visiting!

Ed Prete
12-30-2007, 10:59 PM
Please do share this locale Jimbo, am hoping to get back down in spring and like what this spot offers. A beauty.

Robert Amoruso
12-31-2007, 08:19 AM
I agree, a lovely image. Nit on the left rock mentioned. I am guessing this is the Washington Oaks State Park formation.

More info here: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/geology/geologictopics/rocks/anastasia.htm.

I have shot this many times but agree, the weather makes this image. Of course the slow shutter speed helps too. I especially like the idea of using flash to bring out the detail in the foreground rocks.

Gyorgy Szimuly
12-31-2007, 12:35 PM
It works for me. Not because of the loved pastel colors but the angle and the smoothness.
Nice job.

Paul Marcellini
01-01-2008, 06:45 PM
Love this one, The composition works for me, no problem with the cut rock. I also like how the water has softened any detail in the rocks, giving the image a dreamier feel. The range of colors is great as well.


Jim Caldwell
01-01-2008, 11:22 PM
James, what I really like about this image is that it resembles a painting - very ethereal and the interesting contrast in colors and moods from the cooler upper left corner to the warmer tones at the bottom of the image. I think Jason's comment is valid, but I also agree it is a nit.

It also reminds me what Clyde Butcher told us - pray for bad weather!!