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Kaushik Balakumar
01-10-2008, 07:10 AM
Made this image during one of my treks in the western ghats' rain forest (Karnataka - India).
Nikon D70s + Tamron 90mm Di macro, hand held & no flash used.


Views are welcome...


Alfred Forns
01-10-2008, 08:36 AM
I like this a lot !!! Simple elegant and great feel !!!! Any changes would be a mater of personal taste !! Big Congrats on this one !!!!

Steve Foss
01-10-2008, 07:19 PM
This composition is simple, fundamental and strong. Some may not like how dark it looks in the mid range and shadows, but IMO in this case it adds drama and mystery to an already excellent composition. And while other viewers may prefer more air around the subjects (I myself usually prefer that), in this case I believe the presentation is just right.

Fabs Forns
01-10-2008, 09:30 PM
I will add that it is very elegant and just the right amount of shadows to add interest. As for me, I'd like to see a bit more room at bottom, trying to give the base of the lower flower the rule of thirds.

More, please :)

Chris Ober
01-10-2008, 11:28 PM
I'll be the stick-in-the-mud here :) I do like it, a lot. I would like to see a little more separation between the long stem and the leaf and a little more light on the top bud. Lighting on the stems and bottom flower is very nice.

Robert O'Toole
01-12-2008, 10:39 PM
I like the narrow space between the leaf and the stem, if they were touching it would be no good at all. They way it is its dramatic and adds tension.

Good work.