View Full Version : Overall Grand Prize 2019 - Gail Bisson

Daniel Cadieux
07-05-2020, 07:19 AM
Congratulations Gail Bisson!! Your image "Bare-throated tiger heron" is the 2019 BPN Image of the Year overall winner!!

Such a beautiful and high-impact image, deserving of the 2019 title! Lets all congratulate Gail, and the category winners, for another round of great images that we were privileged in viewing here on BPN!.

John Mack
07-05-2020, 09:27 AM
Congrats a beauty of a frame. Hope to see some great images from you this year.

Bill Dix
07-05-2020, 09:46 AM
Congratulations Gail! I knew when I first saw this that it had that unique graphic quality combined with technical skill that would make it a winner.

Colin Driscoll
07-05-2020, 04:53 PM
Awesome image and deserving winner. Gotta love those eyes! Fabulous BG too.

Robert Kimbrell
07-05-2020, 06:05 PM
Congratulations Gail, What a fantastic image that is well deserving.

Brian Sump
07-05-2020, 11:23 PM
Heck yeah Gail, sensational!

Congratulations :-)

gail bisson
07-06-2020, 05:03 AM
Thanks to the mods for choosing my image. What a great honor and I am doing a little happy dance!
Just so that all BPN members know- I did not vote in the BPOTY 2020 as a new moderator. I recused myself from the vote.
A big congrats to all the other category winners out there.

Mike Poole
07-06-2020, 09:03 AM
Congratulations Gail, a stunning image, well deserved


William Dickson
07-06-2020, 01:35 PM
Really good Gail...Glad you won...You have posted some fabulous images over the year...

Well done


07-06-2020, 05:38 PM
Very nice creative photo. Well deserved.

haseeb badar
07-07-2020, 02:57 AM
Congratulations, what a cracking image. Well
deserved recognition!

Bill Dix
07-08-2020, 12:46 PM
And Now, a Huge Congratulations! I now see that this image has won not only the BPN Overall Grand Prize, but also the TOP AUDUBON AWARD in the Amateur category! As I said above, I knew when I saw it that it was a winner. AND HOW! :cheers::cheers::cheers:

07-09-2020, 09:49 AM
Audubon winner!! Congratulations.

07-09-2020, 04:33 PM
congratulatoins Gail, this is a superb image and a well earned recognition. Also, another big congratulations for winning the Amateur Division in he Audubon 2020 Nation Contest. You are on fire! BPN is lucky to have you as a moderator as you always deliver gracious perspective and offer skilled suggestions. I'm proud to have you as my shooting buddy and miss our travels now Covid joined the party. We will be back on the road again and having our fun, Congratulations

Colin Driscoll
07-10-2020, 06:28 AM
Adding my congrats on the Audubon win!

Geoffrey Montagu
07-26-2020, 01:33 PM
Congratulations Gail, not only on the 2019 BPN Image of the Year overall winner!!, but also a tremendous congratulations on Audubon 2020 Photography 1st. Place Award Winner in the Amateur category.


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