View Full Version : Great Fountain Geyser

Paul Kammen
10-09-2018, 10:03 PM
Going through some files, this particular geyser was really bugging me in terms of how to process the image, as we've got so much going on with steam, foreground, setting sun, etc.

Thanks for any comments. This is after some edits in RAW and running detail extractor in NIK plug ins.

Overall I do like it, but this is a bit easy to obsess over. Make the steam lighter? Up the exposure? Thanks.

Canon 7DII, 1/30, f13, ISO 200

Andrew McLachlan
10-11-2018, 07:40 PM
Nice capture Paul! I would forget about using Detail Extractor for this image as it has caused too much noise in both the sky and the steam. I think this image would process better by using some simple dodging and burning. I have started using luminosity masks by Tony Kuyper and quite like how they simplify the process. Search Luminosity Masks and Sean Bagshaw on YouTube and watch a few of the videos to see how they can transform such scenes...look for Sean Bagshaws video on cloud sculpting as I think it would work well for the steam in this image.

Paul Burdett
10-15-2018, 02:21 AM
Hi Paul. I really like the atmosphere in this image, the foreground detail/exposure and the sunset colours. I do agree with Andrew's comment regarding noise in the image.