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Richard Smith
09-15-2016, 10:15 AM
I'm not posting this as much about the image as about the story of these birds. This is one of two Bald Eagles that live at the Oklahoma City zoo. They are both crippled and cannot fly. They do seem to be able to get on an elevated perch but that's about it. The zoo did not cripple the birds, they were found that way in the wild so it's sort of a rescue for them to live at the zoo. Their enclosure is a large wooded area with a little stream where they can be at home and are also quite visible to visitors at the zoo. Any thoughts on this story?

Gabriela Plesea
09-19-2016, 02:21 PM
Dear Richard,

This is indeed one stunning bird of prey - thank you so much for sharing!

The appropriate way to tell the tale of your Eagle in this Forum would be to upload a sequence of images (three to five in number). Not always an easy task, I am afraid:) Try to capture a few frames which, when seen together and in the appropriate order, convey the condition of your avian subject and help the viewer learn about its fate.

I would like to mention a few things about your image, if you do not mind. IMO it looks a bit over processed. Also, the whites are on the hot side and a number of visible colour casts. In terms of framing it is a bit tight at the bottom. Lastly, your signature competes with the subject, I would lose the red and make it a tad smaller.
Hope you do not mind my critique, I am only trying to help. You are welcome to post many more and I look forward to your images, really appreciate your participation here:cheers:

Kind regards,

Richard Smith
09-19-2016, 11:15 PM
Thanks for your response. I first posted in a different forum that only permitted one image and the mods moved it here. I am adding another shot from the same time plus a few more of the same pair from a different time. You will notice that they both are missing a good part of one wing and their crippled wing is pretty obvious. The original image - and the third one added here - are from the first time I was able to photograph them without their handicap being obvious. That, as well as their position on the ground, is why the crop is so tight. I wanted to minimize those conditions and show them at their best.

As to the watermark, it is only for internet security and is meant to be a bit obnoxious to discourage copying but to not obscure the image too much. It never appears on any prints, digital files, or sites where the site itself provides good copy protection.

Gabriela Plesea
09-20-2016, 01:35 PM
Thank you Richard, I like the sequence better:cheers:

I am still not convinced about the watermark:) Just look at those stunning images from Arthur Morris, Arash Hazeghi, Daniel Cadieux or David Salem in Avian, also Steve Kaluski, Rachel Hollander and Morkel Erasmus in Wildlife: modest watermarks, barely there. Just my thoughts. I must admit, some years back when I started processing my images I used to finish them off with a loud frame (often colourful) as well as a bold signature - it did not take me long to realise I was killing my images by doing so.

I sincerely hope to see more from you, should you wish to receive more specific feedback kindly add your exif data.

Kind regards,