View Full Version : OK. Who's in Charge!

Glennie Passier
04-29-2016, 05:41 AM
Rainbow lorikeets are inquisitive and comical. There is always a lot of gestering going on and there's always a bully. The one on the right seems to be dressing down the little guy in the middle while the one on the left looks on, as if in agreement.

Keith Swindell
05-26-2016, 06:57 PM
Very cute shot, I like it!

Randy Stout
05-29-2016, 07:43 AM

For me,the image "reads" just the way you described it. The pose and elevated position of the right bird sets the tone,

Gave me a smile.



Gabriela Plesea
05-29-2016, 11:53 AM
Lovely fun capture, Glennie! I cannot get enough of those colourful little guys, thank you for sharing:cheers:

Kind regards,

Nancy Bell
06-08-2016, 05:13 PM
Great capture and it is so easy to put words in the beaks of birds like this!

Amanda Robinson
02-22-2017, 05:20 AM
Nice work! which lenses would you suggest for birds?