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Tony Whitehead
03-14-2016, 12:40 AM
I have recently returned from an expedition to some of the New Zealand subantarctic islands (Snares, Auckland Islands and Campbell Island). These are unique habitats with some fascinating endemic birds and plants and well worth visiting despite being very remote, especially for those not based in Oceania. I am publishing weekly blog posts covering the trip and will add a master post with links to all posts once they are completed. http://www.tonywhitehead.com/wildlight/blog/
My daughter completed the same trip and the prior expedition which included Australia Macquarie Island. Her trip reports are being published at http://www.edinz.com

Tony Whitehead
09-14-2016, 03:24 AM
Blog series on New Zealand Subantarctics now completed. Follow this link to the master post
My daughter, Edin's posts include her trip to Macquarie Island
She will be returning to the Subantarctics this summer visiting more of the islands and will post more after this expedition. While being quite remote, especially for Northern Hemisphere residents, it is an amazing destination with some unique habitats and wildlife.

Ernst Zigmund
02-19-2020, 12:19 AM
I've started browsing your blog with considerable interest having signed up for a HE trip to that region in November.

Tony Whitehead
02-20-2020, 09:23 PM
Glad to hear that, Ernst. You will love it. I have just got back from another trip and have put up some more posts recently - not yet linked in that previous master post as I will complete this batch before updating and have a lot of images to work through.

Ernst Zigmund
02-21-2020, 04:26 AM
Thanks Tony. Looking forward to it. I found your posts on gear very informative too.

May I ask how it works? Zodiac from boat to beach, then not much of a walk to a site of interest? You are able to get away with a waterproof duffel with shoulder straps.

I've ordered your Edin's book to stoke the curiosity further.

Tony Whitehead
02-21-2020, 07:45 PM
Yes, Zodiacs from ship to shore. Then usually some options for shorter or longer walks to explore. Definitely need to do the Col Lyall up to the Southern Royal Albatrosses on Campbell and ideally the the walk around Enderby although there is a shorter option there which gives good opportunities but misses the best Auckland Shag colony. Other excursions are Zodiac cruises which give good photo options especially if the guide/zodiac driver is a photographer. Plenty of BIF opportunities from the ship when moving between islands. Waterproof duffel with shoulder straps fine - that is what I used for Antarctica and Subantarctics. This latest trip I used an Overboard 30l dry back pack ( https://www.overboard.co.nz/collections/homepage-waterproof-backpack-carousel/products/pro-vis-waterproof-backpack-30-litres-1?variant=29216977616982) which fits my Guragear bag perfectly and is more comfortable to carry down the boarding ladder onto the Zodiacs.
Edin will be pleased to hear that you have ordered her book. She has been on 4 HE trips, the last as a guide, but unfortunately the southern trips clash with her research field season at present.

Ernst Zigmund
02-21-2020, 08:39 PM
Thanks for the expert guidance Tony.