View Full Version : MAY'S THEME. Raptors with their Prey.

Stu Bowie
04-15-2015, 11:36 AM
May's theme will Raptors with their prey. It can include any prey including fish, should your subject be an Osprey.

Remember to have 'theme' as your prefix.

The Songbirds are singing beautifully.

Gerald Kelberg
04-16-2015, 05:13 AM
Hi Stuart,

Does this include "bait" or carrion used as bait?

Regards, Gerald

Stu Bowie
04-16-2015, 11:49 AM
Hi Gerald, interesting question. Most members do disclose if the subjects have been baited, so Im fine with that. As with April's theme of song birds, any songbird is eligible for nomination, but a songbird in the act of ' singing' will strengthen the image. Likewise, a Raptor with baited prey will be eligible for nomination, and a Raptor taken its prey in the wild will strengthen the image.