View Full Version : Seeing Colors Correctly on the Web

Diane Miller
08-17-2014, 01:51 PM
There can be quite a bit of variation in how different viewers see the images you post on the web, both in tonalities (how dark and light they are) and in colors. The issues with tonality are largely a matter of how well their monitors are calibrated. The issues with color are only somewhat under your control, because they depend on the color management capabilities of the browser. But you can do one thing to help -- if your images are not in the sRGB color space, convert them when you save the JPEG to post, and be sure to check the box to embed (or tag) the color space profile. (If you export from Lightroom, that will be done for you.)

Here is some information:


A few image editors may not have the capability to embed the profile (apparently Paint Shop Pro has this issue). If someone seems to be seeing your colors wrong (and different images can have this issue to different degrees) tell them you aren’t able to embed a profile, and suggest that they open the image in PS (or some other color-managed image editor) and go to Edit > Assign Profile (for PS) and Assign sRGB. Then they should then be seeing the correct colors.

James Heard
02-20-2018, 06:30 AM
How exactly does it work? I mean different monitors still have different color settings, not just lighting/shading. How changing a format can influence those settings?
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