View Full Version : Moose Head Lake - Maine Northwoods

David Kenny
07-02-2014, 03:26 PM
Heading up to Moosehead Lake soon (Greenville). Just wanted to see if anyone has been up there and if they know any good locations for shooting moose and other wildlife. They say that Moose outnumber people in that region 3 to 1.....(by they I mean the tourism people).


- Dave

David Kenny
08-07-2014, 07:47 AM
For anyone who checks out this post. Moosehead Lake is a great place to photograph Loons, Moose and other wildlife. Going on a moose safari is highly recommended we saw 5 moose on our guided tour and only 2 on our own over 7 days. Plenty of good photo ops. Pick a good guide and its worth the extra cash to go alone with them. Our guide told us that the fall is a good time to photograph moose (during the rut). We also saw a Lynx and her four kits on one of the logging roads. Also most roads up there are dirt logging roads so all wheel drive can help and the logging trucks have the right of way.

I had the Canon 100-400mm 5.6 on a crop body 7D which was able to provide some head portraits of a female moose (cow) on the side of the road a 100mm and a frame filler of the lynx at about 300mm. When we were out in the canoes a 500mm would have been perfect although at 400mm I did get a fairly good shot of a young bull.