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Andrew McLachlan
05-22-2014, 08:06 PM
I have posted several images from Lower Rosseau Falls in the past, but this season the river is at its best due to the significant snowfall this past winter, and the subsequent melt has the river running high. Often the double cascade created by the rock mid-stream is absent unless there is a substantial amount of flow. I would like to see more greenery in the surrounding forest, but with cooler than normal spring temperatures the leaves are slow to emerge this season. I created this image last weekend while opening the family cottage, which is nearby in the Parry Sound region of Ontario. Will post some alternate compositions soon. Currently health concerns with my father keeps me very busy.

Nikon D800
Nikon 18-35mm lens @ 25mm
ISO 100
f16 @ 4 seconds

Look forward to comments.


Don Railton
05-23-2014, 08:55 AM
Hi Andrew, a very nice scene, and agree a little more greenry would help and add some nice contrast. Nice water movement and patterns in the fg. Using an uncalibrated monitor but! The white water looks spot on for colour...but think you could add a little more vibrancy to the greens without it looking fake... Hope your dad picks up soon, sick oldies are no fun...


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Andrew McLachlan
06-03-2014, 07:29 PM
Thanks Don, ,much appreciated! I am hoping when I am back up in the region in a few weeks that the water levels are still good so that I can capture this scene with more greens. Thanks for the note on my dad...greatly appreciated.

Neil Burton
06-24-2014, 03:08 PM
I would go with warming it up a bit, water looks white but the rest seems to be very cool in cast, especially the trees.