View Full Version : Snowdrift

Andrew McLachlan
02-01-2014, 07:35 PM
Here is a snowdrift I photographed the other day on my way to pick up my daughter after school. On Monday I am heading for warmer weather on the Caribbean island of Cayman Brac...see ya in a couple of weeks

Nikon D800
Nikon 24-85mm VR lens @ 70mm
ISO 400
f16 @ 1/250 sec
Handheld with VR on

Look forward to comments


Morkel Erasmus
02-02-2014, 01:21 PM
Enjoy your trip Andrew! :cheers:
I like this, something different than I'm used to.
I would play with it to try and get more out of the detail in the snowdrift perhaps?

David Stephens
02-04-2014, 10:06 PM
I'd try it in B&W and greatly raise the contrast to bring out more variation in the snow. Wonderful scene.

Norm Dulak
02-07-2014, 08:43 AM
Very nice Andrew. I like the varying colors, textures and patterns. Nik Detail Extractor applied gently might enhance the snow details. Enjoy your trip!