View Full Version : Eos and Velvia Dreams

Don Lacy
09-03-2013, 10:16 PM
Eos is the Greek Goddess of the dawn and it is in the ethereal light between night and day that I love to photograph the ocean the light and color is fleeting and constantly changing this image was made about a half hour before sunrise when that light was just starting to get strong enough to see some detail along the shore. While reviewing my images on my cameras LCD with my friends one of them commented on how much he liked the darkness of the rocks and how he would leave them just the way they were is post. When I got home latter that day and started working on the image I knew what I wanted was to produce an image with the rich deep blacks that Velvia was famous for back in the day when every image did not have to have 5 stops of detail in the shadows :S3: Thus the title an image made in dawns light and processed to look like Velvia.

1DMKIII, 17-40L at 19mm, 25s at f/16, Manual, Evaluative Metered, ISO 100, PS and Nik post processing

09-04-2013, 12:06 AM
I really like the effect here, Don.
I might try to bring up the blacks just a tad on the far right edge and darken the water a tad on the center left side.

Roman Kurywczak
09-04-2013, 12:14 PM
Hey Don,
As a film shooter myself I know what you mean!!!.....but I would just open up the LRC just a touch. Very nicely done yet again!

Andrew McLachlan
09-04-2013, 06:25 PM
Hi Don, Lovely sunrise image...I like it as is. My favorite time of day to photograph in is the half hour before sunrise. Ditto on the Velvia comment...my choice of film back then. The subtle crepuscular rays and the blue of the sea are beautiful!

Rachel Hollander
09-05-2013, 04:29 PM
Hi Don - really nice colors here and the juxtaposition against the dark blacks is just right for me. Nice choice on ss too.


Morkel Erasmus
09-05-2013, 04:40 PM
This works well on many fronts, Don. I would try and reduce the blues in the blacks of the rocks just a touch - not too much (don't wanna lose the film feeling here)?
I agree with opening up shadow detail in the bottom right corner.