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Jerry amEnde
08-30-2012, 04:20 PM
I'm new here and came from the world of video. One of the reasons I purchased the Panny GH2 is because of the great video reviews it's getting. Here's a short 17 second sample of some GH2 footage (Sanity Hack).



PS: There's a downside here. I'm having so much fun taking stills of birds & other wildlife, I'm neglecting the video.

Roger Clark
09-07-2012, 10:09 PM
Hello Jerry,
Thanks for posting a short but nice clip. I think most people here at BPN who have tried video will agree that video is much much harder than still photography. In still photography, one needs only one good moment. With video, one needs many thousands of moments, but not only that, they must flow nicely, and the sound must be good too. Sound rules out many locations if one wants the sounds of nature--no cars honking, no photographers standing nearby clicking away still images, and no one should be talking. If one follows action, try doing it smoothly, never clipping a wing. it gives a new appreciation for those NatGeo videographers.

So for anyone who wants a real challenge, much harder than still photography, try video, and post your results in the video critiques forum:

Jerry, thanks for posting. I'm glad to hear you come from a video background. We need help, so please keep posting,