View Full Version : Feeder Setup Best Practices

Tim Gleason
04-18-2008, 12:29 PM
Just a quick question about setting up a feeder setup in a field setting. I know that setting up a feeding station of some sort with a perch nearby is a common practice, but when I try to do this in a location that I know has some potential subjects, I come up empty.

So, what are the methods, protocols, etc. for setting up something like this? Once it is set up, how long does it take for the birds to start to us it? Does it have to be up for several days, or do you expect a visit in a few minutes or hours? Do you put out different kinds of food for different species? How far away from the setup do you put the rig? Do you use a blind in this kind of situation? Do you attract with recorded bird calls? (That particular one has generated its share of controversy on this site and others....)

Just trying to make the best of my limited time in the field.



Arthur Morris
05-21-2008, 06:37 AM
Hi Tim, Many questions. I will try to send you in the right direction. It generally takes a few days to get the birds to come in, sometimes less. There are many books on bird feeding, many specific to your region. If you get a hold of a few issues of Bird Watcher's Digest or visit their web site you would surely find a few.

As for creating your set-up, there is tons to condsider. Best advice would be for you to get a copy of ABPII (on CD only); there is a large section on creating backyard set-ups that includes choice of location, light considerations, methods of feeding, and selection and placement of perches among others.

Pat Nighswander
06-11-2008, 01:46 PM
What are you using in your feeder: I am now using just sunflower seeds to attract cardinals, finches, chicadees and bluejays,,, sparrows seem to like it too.. I did get some white throated sparrows in migration.. Cardinals like a platfrom feeder..Some like to feed off the ground.. doves, cardinals, juncos, rose breasted gross beek