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  • Isaac Grant's Avatar
    Today, 05:00 PM
    Isaac Grant replied to a thread Purple Sandpiper in Avian
    Hi Gail. Great pose you have here on very interesting perch. The tones of the bird, kelp and background work really well together. I would love to...
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  • Bill Dix's Avatar
    Today, 04:47 PM
    Bill Dix replied to a thread Black Turnstone in Avian
    Excellent in all respects. Nice pose, good exposure, love the arc of blue wetness on the rock with a hint of same in the beautiful background. ...
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  • Isaac Grant's Avatar
    Today, 04:47 PM
    Isaac Grant replied to a thread More yellowlegses! in Avian
    Nice pose and eye contact you have here. I like the rock and the colorful background as well. I would add a few points of black to the neutrals in...
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  • Bill Dix's Avatar
    Today, 04:43 PM
    Taken on Mount Desert Island, ME in July, in fading light under heavy spruce canopy. Audio used. Cropped from horizontal and added canvas on top. ...
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  • Isaac Grant's Avatar
    Today, 04:40 PM
    Isaac Grant replied to a thread Barred Owl in Avian
    Great look at this fantastic owl. Love the tones and details of this shot. The hanging moss takes it over the top. I would crop this differently....
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  • Isaac Grant's Avatar
    Today, 04:36 PM
    Isaac Grant started a thread Black Turnstone in Avian
    My wife had a conference to attend in Portland, OR so me and the kids tagged along. We spent a morning at Canon Beach where I got my life Tufted...
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  • Bill Dix's Avatar
    Today, 04:08 PM
    Bill Dix replied to a thread Barred Owl in Avian
    Hi Joe. I think I met this fellow. A lovely full-frontal look with great detail. It's always nice to go back and find a few old ones.
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  • Rachel Hollander's Avatar
    Today, 03:30 PM
    Rachel Hollander replied to a thread Theme Sea Otter in Wildlife
    Thanks Jon, Gabriela and Stu for the comments, much appreciated. Stu - it's orca predation and oil spills apparently that keep it at endangered now....
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  • Stuart Philpott's Avatar
    Today, 03:06 PM
    Stuart Philpott replied to a thread Theme Sea Otter in Wildlife
    Rachel I thought they were doing slightly better now ,the fur trade nearly did for them though ,if memory serves?? It's a lovely frame I like the...
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  • John Mack's Avatar
    Today, 02:55 PM
    John Mack replied to a thread Long-billed dowitcher in Avian
    Thanks Issac, i couldn't tell which one this was the short or the long.
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  • Stuart Philpott's Avatar
    Today, 02:49 PM
    A brief but heart felt thanks for all the replies.Rachel yes it's the orange hue,that has affected the reds,it's tricky the light was changing,but as...
    7 replies | 108 view(s)
  • Joseph Przybyla's Avatar
    Today, 02:10 PM
    Joseph Przybyla started a thread Barred Owl in Avian
    I captured this image at Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida, this past April. Many of the places I go birding are closed to clean up and...
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  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 PM
    Gabriela Plesea replied to a thread Theme Sea Otter in Wildlife
    Dear Rachel, Must admit I was also unaware that Sea Otters are endangered. Nice techs, overall a well composed and thoughtfully processed image,...
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  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    Today, 12:33 PM
    Hello Glenn, The Impala is absolutely gorgeous, lovely detail, colours and sharpness. As well as pose and eye contact. I do have this little...
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  • Tomasz Zawadzki's Avatar
    Today, 12:12 PM
    Tomasz Zawadzki replied to a thread Dunlin in Avian
    Thank you all for the feedback.
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  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    Today, 11:56 AM
    Gabriela Plesea replied to a thread Theme Eye for an Eye in Wildlife
    Hello Sanjeev, I am fascinated with your subject here, some interesting facial features. I too recognise the little protrusion below the nose:) ...
    4 replies | 48 view(s)
  • Jake Levin's Avatar
    Today, 11:38 AM
    Jake Levin started a thread More yellowlegses! in Avian
    They're out in force, so all my fall bird pictures tend to be of the same species. When nature gives you a yellowlegs convention, I guess you go...
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  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    Today, 11:35 AM
    Gabriela Plesea replied to a thread Gray fox in Wildlife
    Hello John, Such a pretty subject to photograph! Looks as if the fox stopped in its tracks just for you. I see you pushed the ISO nicely, the...
    4 replies | 77 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 11:08 AM
    Jonathan Ashton replied to a thread Theme Sea Otter in Wildlife
    Good and sharp well exposed, not an easy subject I suspect - always turning and twisting. Ideally I would have liked to see the other head but the...
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  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 AM
    Hand held Canon 1DX Canon 180mm macro ISO 1600 1/250 sec f11 Fill in flash -0.3
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  • Geoffrey Montagu's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 AM
    Geoffrey Montagu replied to a thread Theme Juvenile White Ibis in Avian
    Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Geoffrey
    8 replies | 163 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 AM
    Yes shame about the leaf but still looks very good. I think we get these as migrants and we call them clouded yellow, I haven't seen any for a few...
    1 replies | 30 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 AM
    Jonathan Ashton started a thread Turnstone in Avian
    Tripod Canon 1DX Canon 500mm f4 L IS II & 1.4TC III Auto ISO 800 + 0.3, 1/2500 sec f8 Something a little different to the usual, hope you like it....
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  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 09:59 AM
    Jonathan Ashton replied to a thread Dunlin in Avian
    I have looked at the image a few times now and have decided I do like it! It is a little unusual and makes for an interesting shot. I think the...
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  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 09:54 AM
    Very nice Stu, light not perfect but certainly a well detailed shot.
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  • Isaac Grant's Avatar
    Today, 09:52 AM
    Isaac Grant replied to a thread Long-billed dowitcher in Avian
    Nice muted light and shooting angle. Always a treat when the fore and background blend like this. I agree with Gail about adding some black to the...
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  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 09:35 AM
    Jonathan Ashton replied to a thread Puffin in Avian
    Thanks for the feedback everyone, yes I too was a little cheesed off about the light direction but I thought he looked cute.
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  • stuart wanuck's Avatar
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  • Rachel Hollander's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 AM
    Rachel Hollander started a thread Theme Sea Otter in Wildlife
    I did not realize that Sea Otters are endangered until I checked the IUCN Red List. This was taken from a moving boat in Kenai Fjords N.P. near...
    4 replies | 40 view(s)
  • Rachel Hollander's Avatar
    2 replies | 31 view(s)
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