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  • Dumay de Boulle's Avatar
    Today, 07:02 AM
    Dumay de Boulle replied to a thread Theme Bob Jnr in Wildlife
    Cracking image Marc... Love the wind swept mane and the pose and gaze off into the distance makes it really compelling. Lovely stuff!
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  • David Roach's Avatar
    Today, 06:57 AM
    David Roach replied to a thread Burrowing Owl in Avian
    Love the takeoff pose, sharpness right where it needs to be, the BG, perch and those eyes. TFS
    2 replies | 66 view(s)
  • greg cowle's Avatar
    Today, 06:47 AM
    greg cowle replied to a thread Leopard Hunt in Wildlife
    This is fabulous, so dynamic, so evocative. Panning on the leopard's head looks spot on.
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  • David Roach's Avatar
    Today, 06:45 AM
    Thanks to all for helpful suggestions and comments. Yes, Ann, Wako especially is wonderful right now and not even so much for the photo ops. Seeing...
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  • David Roach's Avatar
    Today, 06:41 AM
    EOS R EF400DO I f5.6 1/1300 ISO 1600
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  • Lance van de Vyver's Avatar
    Today, 06:20 AM
    A leopard catches a young impala before dragging it through an open plain to avoid being detected by near by hyenas. Shutter 1/15 F/11 ISO 100...
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  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 06:14 AM
    gail bisson replied to a thread Female Common Merganser in Avian
    Thanks Dave. It does look better. I am still on the learning curve with the new iMac. The face/head is tack sharp on the TIFF so I need to work on my...
    8 replies | 126 view(s)
  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 06:11 AM
    gail bisson replied to a thread Burrowing Owl in Avian
    Love, love that BG. Always exciting to get a tack sharp bird blasting off. Like you, I like the puff of dust from the perch. Great frame! Gail
    2 replies | 66 view(s)
  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 06:09 AM
    gail bisson replied to a thread Theme Goldfinches in Avian
    Hi Alex, Lovely set up here. Great lookback pose on both birds. Always exciting to get 2 birds tack sharp in the frame.You did well to get them...
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  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 06:01 AM
    gail bisson replied to a thread Reddish Egret in Avian
    Great pose and HA. Agree with David on the saturation, Gail
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  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 06:00 AM
    Hi Ann, As we discussed last night, these are not specular highlights. I think it is the light shining through and on the leaves and in the spaces...
    2 replies | 99 view(s)
  • gail bisson's Avatar
    Today, 05:56 AM
    Hi Joe, I like these birds and am always happy to take their pic. I love the details in the blacks and the reflection. I would take a bit off the...
    4 replies | 77 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    Today, 05:43 AM
    Jonathan Ashton replied to a thread Meet Mum in Wildlife
    Top notch Steve, the fur detail is rendered beautifully, I like the pose also it almost makes her become gentle and endearing to my POV. You made me...
    10 replies | 578 view(s)
  • Ian McLachlan's Avatar
    Today, 05:13 AM
    Like almost everyone I think the close up simply superb. But in regard to the second. I don't think you can have the teleconverter on the and be...
    24 replies | 415 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    Today, 04:14 AM
    Hi Andreas, yet again the 1DX MKII nails the image and very good at 10k ISO, but the body just takes it in it's stride and just delivers. Cool to...
    4 replies | 90 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:51 AM
    Cool calling pose and the HA is about perfect. Nice colors and details too. Well done
    6 replies | 86 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:44 AM
    David Salem replied to a thread Malachite Kingfisher in Avian
    I agree with Paul, great image but I am a little distracted by the OOF reeds. Easy fix if you aren't opposed to a little cloning. Well done
    8 replies | 102 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:34 AM
    David Salem replied to a thread Female Common Merganser in Avian
    Thats a fantastic flight capture Gail! The flight pose and HA are about perfect and I love seeing those big diver feet. This one would benefit from a...
    8 replies | 126 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:27 AM
    Nice capture with good details in the darks. I would take some off the bottom, but just below the reflection. Well done
    4 replies | 77 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:24 AM
    David Salem replied to a thread Reddish Egret in Avian
    Nice HA on this guy but not in love with the near wing position. Also when images are taken in low light conditions it helps to boost up saturation...
    5 replies | 55 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:20 AM
    David Salem replied to a thread Theme Goldfinches in Avian
    Looks pretty good over all Alex. Nice poses on both birds and I like the perch and BG. I would take more off the top and go for more of a 16X9. Well...
    3 replies | 44 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 02:15 AM
    It's hard to say what those are in this image but they don't look like what I would call specular highlights. They look like bright spots. These...
    2 replies | 99 view(s)
  • David Salem's Avatar
    Today, 01:49 AM
    David Salem started a thread Burrowing Owl in Avian
    We had a great time with a few new Burrowing Owls early this season. They were transplanted to this location a few months earlier and this was the...
    2 replies | 66 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 AM
    Paul Burdett replied to a thread Malachite Kingfisher in Avian
    Great to see a different Kingfishers than the variety seen here in Brisbane. Lovely composition, colours and a killer background. I'm fine with the...
    8 replies | 102 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    Today, 12:15 AM
    Paul Burdett replied to a thread Reddish Egret in Avian
    Another great shot John. I actually like the near wing as is, with the variety of colour shades along the length. The far wing seems a little noisy...
    5 replies | 55 view(s)
  • greg cowle's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 AM
    A Boyd's forest dragon in the rainforest last night. This is it's hunting pose - it hunts by waiting for something to come by. Luckily, they do it...
    0 replies | 50 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    Today, 12:11 AM
    Paul Burdett replied to a thread Theme Goldfinches in Avian
    Hi Alex. A beautiful composition. Love the symmetry, poses, colours, clarity and BK. TFS
    3 replies | 44 view(s)
  • greg cowle's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM
    Agree this is a great pose. Like the composition and background.
    2 replies | 44 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:54 PM
    Paul Burdett replied to a thread Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Avian
    Thanks too.
    7 replies | 117 view(s)
  • arash_hazeghi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:14 PM
    arash_hazeghi replied to a thread adolescent harrier in Avian
    Thanks Alex, I thought about that too, on the larger version on my 4K screen I have more of the bottom and the foreground bushes there give more...
    14 replies | 284 view(s)
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