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  • Gerald Kelberg's Avatar
    11-23-2023, 10:29 AM
    Gerald Kelberg started a thread Taking the bait! in Avian
    One of the most sought after species visiting the location in central Spain was the Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus), sometimes also referred to...
    16 replies | 503 view(s)
  • Sidharth Kodikal's Avatar
    11-07-2023, 06:37 AM
    Sidharth Kodikal started a thread Bird on a stick in Avian
    A bird I've heard a million times, and had only fleeting glimpses of, although it's not rare by any means. Happy to get it out in the open. This...
    14 replies | 671 view(s)
  • William Dickson's Avatar
    11-29-2023, 12:58 PM
    William Dickson started a thread Tawny Owl in Avian
    Canon R6 f/2.8 70-200mm Mk2 at 200mm f/6.3 1/200 ISO 800 I was at the set up a couple of days ago to photograph Pine Marten during the hours...
    12 replies | 358 view(s)
  • Dave Goldberg's Avatar
    11-15-2023, 06:54 PM
    <!--><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><!--><!--><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View>...
    13 replies | 464 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    11-11-2023, 05:07 AM
    Sadly this doesn't do justice just how tall this Polar bear was, but easily 3.5m tall, this is why you NEVER have camera straps fitted, those paws...
    12 replies | 381 view(s)
  • Sidharth Kodikal's Avatar
    11-22-2023, 02:34 AM
    Not uncommon, but constantly on the move. Happy this one posed for me, ever so briefly. Setup, with fruit used as an attractant. Cannon R5,...
    13 replies | 315 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 08:26 AM
    I spotted this Snipe at the edge of a large pool, it's a busy image but this was the clearest shot I could get at the time. I used the 2x converter,...
    12 replies | 357 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    11-24-2023, 12:01 PM
    A very straight forward shot of an African wattled lapwing, or simply a Wattled Lapwing shot from our vehicle. A slight more of a head turn to the...
    10 replies | 406 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    11-19-2023, 05:45 AM
    Tricky shot I use the blinkies to get the exposure, fast in flight too! OM-1 150-400TC Focal Length (35 mm conversion) : 1002.0mm Exposure mode :...
    9 replies | 370 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    11-22-2023, 06:42 AM
    A very young Hyena pup waits outside the den entrance for the rest of the Clan to arrive back, hopefully with food! Steve Subject: Hyena pup...
    9 replies | 254 view(s)
  • Colin Driscoll's Avatar
    11-28-2023, 05:41 AM
    On October 17 2023 gale force winds blew the nest containing this bird as a fledgling out of the tree in our backyard. It could barely flutter to...
    8 replies | 243 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    11-08-2023, 12:03 PM
    Another back garden shot, I placed crumbled peanuts in the perch. OM-1Focal Length (35 mm conversion) : 501.0mm Exposure mode : Manual exposure...
    8 replies | 437 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    11-26-2023, 10:28 AM
    As the previous posting corrupted for some unknown reason.... Cheetah brother on a mound. It's too central as presented I needed to move the whole...
    9 replies | 263 view(s)
  • Gerald Kelberg's Avatar
    11-14-2023, 12:22 PM
    This juvenile Bonelli's Eagle (Aquila fasciata) is the same individual featured in a recent posting. This was in central Spain in January this year;...
    6 replies | 338 view(s)
  • Colin Driscoll's Avatar
    12-02-2023, 03:47 AM
    Colin Driscoll started a thread Australian Magpie in Avian
    A female Australian Magpie taking a couple of morsels, spider and millipede, to its young one. Canon EOS R5 EF 600 f4 HH 1/6400 f5.6 iso6400 ACR...
    7 replies | 235 view(s)
  • Arthur Morris's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 07:32 AM
    Arthur Morris started a thread Flight Head Shot in Avian
    This image was created on 25 February 2023 on the second Bald Eagle Instructional Photo-Tour at Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK with the Sony a1. Incredibly,...
    7 replies | 322 view(s)
  • Sidharth Kodikal's Avatar
    11-24-2023, 11:12 PM
    Another species photographed on the millet farm. Haven't seen this species posted here in many years. Nothing too exciting, but just for some PP...
    8 replies | 321 view(s)
  • Gerald Kelberg's Avatar
    11-12-2023, 11:34 AM
    Late in the session and the sun was getting very low. A sliver of light was shining through between the two small hides. This female Marsh Harrier...
    7 replies | 398 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    11-12-2023, 09:10 AM
    Steve Kaluski started a thread On the hunt in Wildlife
    A beautiful lioness on the hunt in Selinda, Botswana. Steve Subject: Lioness on the hunt (Panthera leo) Location: Selinda, Botswana Camera:...
    9 replies | 290 view(s)
  • Jack Backs's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 08:09 PM
    Jack Backs started a thread Wilson's Snipe in Avian
    We get a pretty good share of shore birds primarily migrating through East-Central Missouri. The problem is about all we have are crappy looking...
    7 replies | 282 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    11-16-2023, 05:38 AM
    It was a bit slow for migrating shorebirds this year over here, but a few Sanderlings kept me busy for a couple of days. This one foraging along a...
    6 replies | 368 view(s)
  • Sidharth Kodikal's Avatar
    11-17-2023, 03:22 AM
    Attracted with fruit 1/640, f6.3, ISO 1250, manual fill flash Tripod, Hide Feedback and reposts welcome. Thanks!
    6 replies | 359 view(s)
  • William Dickson's Avatar
    11-14-2023, 03:19 PM
    William Dickson started a thread Autumn Pheasant in Avian
    Canon R6 f/4 400mm DO Mk2 at 800mm f/8 1/250 ISO 3200 This is an image I captured using my vehicle as a hide. Rain was blowing through, hence...
    7 replies | 329 view(s)
  • Dorian Anderson's Avatar
    11-29-2023, 12:10 AM
    My tour floated up on this bird at Lake Naivasha just after it caught and beat this crayfish to death. The 600 was too much and I didn't have...
    6 replies | 227 view(s)
  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    11-30-2023, 12:35 PM
    Dear Friends, This image was captured on Tuesday evening on my way back from work. A beautiful cheetah male, part of a coalition of three. The...
    8 replies | 222 view(s)
  • Joseph Przybyla's Avatar
    11-17-2023, 01:19 PM
    Joseph Przybyla started a thread Reddish Egret in Avian
    Normally these birds are running around the mud flats chasing prey, in this instance the bird was resting on a small island near shore. Sitting at...
    6 replies | 320 view(s)
  • William Dickson's Avatar
    11-21-2023, 02:56 PM
    William Dickson started a thread Red Squirrel in Wildlife
    Canon R6 f/4 400mm DO Mk2 f/4 1/5000 ISO 3200 Another jumping Red Squirrel from the set up. Gimbal Head. ACR and PS. This is almost full...
    6 replies | 216 view(s)
  • Sidharth Kodikal's Avatar
    11-10-2023, 01:49 AM
    :bg3: Apologies if my PP woes are getting too tedious. Here's a Bulbul that was super blue/magenta in RAW. Tried to correct the color in ACR via...
    5 replies | 398 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    12-03-2023, 05:53 AM
    Taken from a mobile hide in the back garden, it was an attempt to provide complimentary colours in the background, I got just a hint of blue in the...
    6 replies | 180 view(s)
  • Dorian Anderson's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 06:28 PM
    This is not a bird I ever thought I would capture in flight! I had the driver position the vehicle so clients had the best shot at this bird; I...
    5 replies | 259 view(s)
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