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  • Dorian Anderson's Avatar
    09-26-2021, 09:44 AM
    Dorian Anderson started a thread South Polar Skua in Avian
    Of the many birding hats I wear, leading offshore/pelagic trips from Monterey and Half Moon Bay here in California is one. The South Polar Skua is...
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  • Arthur Morris's Avatar
    09-29-2021, 09:51 AM
    This image was created on 24 September 2021 at Lake Blue Cypress aboard Clemens Van der Werf’s flats boat. I used the hand held Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM...
    11 replies | 584 view(s)
  • Colin Driscoll's Avatar
    10-07-2021, 11:58 PM
    R5 600 f4 III tripod 1/500 f4 iso1600 Near FF cleaned up a few errant twigs. DPP4 CCPS2021
    13 replies | 533 view(s)
  • Brian Sump's Avatar
    09-26-2021, 01:12 PM
    Brian Sump started a thread Huh? in Avian
    Western Grebe mid-scratch makes for a little fun. From spring. R5 840mm Handheld ISO 1250 1/4000 f8 LR and PS. One extra catchlight and...
    10 replies | 713 view(s)
  • William Dickson's Avatar
    10-05-2021, 10:36 AM
    William Dickson started a thread Raven in Avian
    Canon 1DX Mk2 f/4 400mm DO Mk2 at 800mm f/8 1/400 ISO 2000 Whilst out looking for Red Grouse, I came across the Raven...I was surprised I got...
    13 replies | 423 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    10-04-2021, 01:06 AM
    Jay Ing started a thread Acorn being - corny in Avian
    Funny flight pose for this guy. Had to clear away from bkg junk below bird and lower left corner. A1/600/Tripoded 1000/4000/6.3 C1P/PS
    14 replies | 503 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:58 AM
    Steve Kaluski started a thread Sparrow hawk (f) in Avian
    So... both the female and juvenile are coming in and the Female has now taken over, and is the more dominant of the two. As we get into Autumn the...
    17 replies | 131 view(s)
  • Dorian Anderson's Avatar
    10-07-2021, 09:34 AM
    This was taken with my walk-around combo (7D2 + 100-400 II) while I was birding yesterday. I carry the rig solely to document sightings, but every...
    9 replies | 469 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    10-01-2021, 04:18 PM
    Another little back garden scenario, I had baited this area to attract jays and woodpeckers but so far I have mot managed a good pose in decent light...
    14 replies | 462 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    09-25-2021, 10:26 PM
    Jay Ing started a thread Scrub Jay Showing off in Avian
    Happy to have caught this one in spite of a shadowed tail and turned/shadow'd face. Also glad I took Arash's advice and kicked the SS up to 4K as...
    9 replies | 624 view(s)
  • Brian Sump's Avatar
    10-02-2021, 04:24 PM
    Brian Sump started a thread Look Up in Avian
    American Avocet in a bit of a more unorthodox frame. Taken at first light. I composed this intentionally as shown to capture the landscape as...
    9 replies | 508 view(s)
  • sasan nejadi's Avatar
    10-19-2021, 05:24 AM
    sasan nejadi started a thread imperial eagle in Avian
    Hello everybody, Glad to be here again after a long time of absenteeism. I hope you will enjoy my photos. f/5.6 1/2000 seconds 400 mm...
    12 replies | 297 view(s)
  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    10-03-2021, 04:21 PM
    Gabriela Plesea started a thread Spotty in Wildlife
    Dear Friends, Thought I'd show you this cute little hyena tonight. They are really adorable at this age and inquisitive and have such facial...
    14 replies | 397 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    10-05-2021, 11:58 AM
    This young Goldfinch is still developing the red patch on his head, it runs from orange through to red over a period of time. I took the image in my...
    9 replies | 389 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    09-26-2021, 07:55 PM
    Paul Burdett started a thread Tern in b&w in Avian
    Out in a fairly new location recently and there was plenty of Tern action. I was happy with the pose on this one, and thought it would make a nice...
    10 replies | 585 view(s)
  • John Mack's Avatar
    09-25-2021, 03:31 PM
    John Mack started a thread Black Skimmer in Avian
    Nickerson Beach, 5/17/21 at 7:30PM. Image processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. Hand held, Full frame. Canon 1DX MarkIII Canon 500 f/4 IS USM...
    8 replies | 532 view(s)
  • sasan nejadi's Avatar
    10-22-2021, 01:08 AM
    sasan nejadi started a thread Black-winged kite in Avian
    Canon EOS-R5 EF600mm f/4L IS II USM + 2Xiii f/8.0 1/3200 seconds 1200 mm ISO 800 Manual exposure Manual Pattern Metering mode
    13 replies | 225 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    10-09-2021, 12:52 AM
    Had an absolute blast shooting wood ducks for the first time ever down in Santa Cruz. Will definitely be heading back. Will post a few from today but...
    8 replies | 522 view(s)
  • David Pugsley's Avatar
    10-09-2021, 06:04 PM
    This SNPL, named Kenobi, has a great story. He/she is the first SNPL to be hatched, tagged and raised on Outback Key, a new barrier island on the...
    9 replies | 473 view(s)
  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    09-26-2021, 03:24 PM
    Dear Friends, My companion and I were hoping to encounter a variety of antelopes during our trip to Kruger Park but unfortunately we saw no...
    11 replies | 571 view(s)
  • Kurt Bowman's Avatar
    09-27-2021, 06:48 PM
    I wish the flower were better in this image, but I was happy to even get a Magnificent hitting a flower (they never seem to). This was from this...
    8 replies | 538 view(s)
  • Mike Poole's Avatar
    09-27-2021, 01:19 PM
    Mike Poole started a thread Grouse in Avian
    Hardly touched the camera in ages for various reason, but hopefully this will change now. This was from the first outing tis summer a couple of days...
    8 replies | 528 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    10-02-2021, 07:46 AM
    Steve Kaluski started a thread The - 'Red' in Wildlife
    Just to add contrast to Jon's 'Grey' - this is the true and proper, native Squirrel, the beautiful 'Red', sadly confined to the middle top half of...
    12 replies | 427 view(s)
  • William Dickson's Avatar
    10-08-2021, 02:38 PM
    Canon 1DX Mk2 f/4 400mm DO Mk2 at 560mm f/6.3 1/1250 ISO 3200 Inspired by Jon's set up images...I had a look through some of the set up images...
    9 replies | 485 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    09-24-2021, 07:38 PM
    Out at Dev Valle again. Happy to see the Magpies as well. This was my favorite today. TFL. A1/600/FLM Tripod/Katana Jr Gimbal 400/4000/4 ...
    7 replies | 569 view(s)
  • Gabriela Plesea's Avatar
    10-08-2021, 01:54 PM
    Dear Friends, This baby hippo was exploring its surroundings while mom was resting nearby. Image captured in the Kruger National Park a few weeks...
    11 replies | 451 view(s)
  • Kurt Bowman's Avatar
    09-30-2021, 02:32 PM
    Kurt Bowman started a thread Varied Bunting in Avian
    I know the rock perch isn't ideal, but this species pretty much lives on the ground foraging, so I was happy to get something out in the open after...
    8 replies | 448 view(s)
  • Steve Kaluski's Avatar
    09-29-2021, 01:04 PM
    Steve Kaluski started a thread BOAS (wet) in Avian
    I was messing around with Squirrels, when this rather bedraggled character flew in and perched for a few moments. Weather was dull, dank and wet, so...
    10 replies | 423 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    09-25-2021, 04:51 AM
    This is the same kestrel but in a different pose and slightly different light. I made a 5:4 crop as suggested. Olympus : E-M1X Focal Length :...
    7 replies | 517 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    09-28-2021, 11:31 PM
    Posted a somewhat similar shot not too long ago, but while that image was sharp across the board I didn't especially care for the bird's flight...
    7 replies | 505 view(s)
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