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  • Sharif Uddin's Avatar
    01-13-2022, 11:28 PM
    Sharif Uddin started a thread Loggerhead Shrike in Avian
    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forum. Look forward to learning from the experts! This picture was taken on a partly cloudy morning...
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  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    01-17-2022, 03:25 PM
    Jay Ing started a thread Flicker on the Fly in Avian
    Hi All, Haven't been around but thought to pop in and see what wonderful stuff you guys (and gals) are doing. Mostly been shooting Scrubs,...
    8 replies | 174 view(s)
  • Brian Sump's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 11:21 AM
    Brian Sump started a thread Drama in Avian
    Hooded Merganser Hen on the S. Platte River just after sun-up. R5 840mm Handheld through external screen ISO 1600 1/2000 f8 LR and PS....
    6 replies | 226 view(s)
  • Andreas Liedmann's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 02:45 PM
    Hi folks ... nothing really exciting on this posting , I guess . I think I just created a " picture postcard " image ... funny enough , never tried...
    6 replies | 178 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    01-16-2022, 04:42 PM
    This Robin was enjoying an early morning snack! Basic adjustments in acr and ps. Nikon D500/500PF, 1/640th sec@f5.6, iso2000, manual mode hh.
    7 replies | 159 view(s)
  • Colin Driscoll's Avatar
    01-13-2022, 07:59 PM
    Colin Driscoll started a thread Noisy Miner in Avian
    If nothing much to shoot there are always these pesky birds. I've posted a few over time and this one is a close portrait. R5 EF 600 f4 III HH...
    6 replies | 193 view(s)
  • Kurt Bowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:09 AM
    Had some fun out at Bosque this year mostly shooting ducks and cranes. The geese were a lot harder to get good light on this year because of the...
    5 replies | 111 view(s)
  • Andreas Liedmann's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 02:25 PM
    Hi folks ... I will proceed with the latest stuff I was shooting with the R3 . No time to go far from home ... so try to get some stuff at local...
    5 replies | 163 view(s)
  • Stu Bowie's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 02:44 PM
    Stu Bowie started a thread Kori Bustard in Avian
    I spent 5 days in our Kruger Park last week, and managed to come away with a few images. This is a Kori Bustard which is in fact, the heaviest flying...
    4 replies | 153 view(s)
  • Sharif Uddin's Avatar
    01-16-2022, 10:03 PM
    Sharif Uddin started a thread Bell's Sparrow in Avian
    Hi all, I took this picture last spring on a trail near my house. I had seen two breeding pairs the summer before in their territory. So last...
    4 replies | 123 view(s)
  • Andreas Liedmann's Avatar
    01-17-2022, 02:41 PM
    Andreas Liedmann started a thread Warning !!! in Avian
    Hi folks another one from the Mute Swans ... this time the other specimen . Does look slightly different in terms of whites ... looking more "...
    4 replies | 102 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    01-12-2022, 08:59 PM
    This little fella decided it wants to stick around rather than migrate south like the others of its species. Fine with me if that means unusual...
    3 replies | 204 view(s)
  • Joseph Przybyla's Avatar
    01-13-2022, 09:54 AM
    I was sitting on the ground photographing ducks near the shore of Lake Morton, this Common Gallinule walked out of the water and up the banking next...
    3 replies | 158 view(s)
  • Sharif Uddin's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 02:03 AM
    Hi everyone. I took this picture in late spring last year at Salton sink in Southern CA. A large number of phalaropes were foraging close to the...
    3 replies | 171 view(s)
  • Volkan Akgul's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 01:42 PM
    hi, canon 1dmk3-canon400mm f5.6 1/3000 iso320 respectfully.
    3 replies | 157 view(s)
  • Sharif Uddin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:45 AM
    Hi all, I took this shot of the juvenile Mountain Plover in Fall 2020 when a couple of these passed through the area. They are usually around all...
    2 replies | 108 view(s)
  • Joseph Przybyla's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:43 AM
    Joseph Przybyla started a thread Wood Duck (m) in Avian
    I captured this image at Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida. Comments and critique welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for viewing. Nikon D500...
    2 replies | 104 view(s)
  • Jonathan Ashton's Avatar
    01-16-2022, 09:33 AM
    Red squirrel colouration varies tremendously in UK, this is one of several I will post in due course. This colour is typical of the endemic...
    2 replies | 93 view(s)
  • Andreas Liedmann's Avatar
    01-13-2022, 02:19 PM
    Hi folks .... just another image from local town lake This time a Cormorant stretching and flapping his wings , just after he surfaced from a...
    1 replies | 138 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    Today, 03:15 PM
    Jay Ing started a thread Yellow-billed Magpie in Avian
    Have renewed my interest in the YB Magpies we have here in N. Cal. Here's a favorite grab from an outing a couple weeks ago. TFL. A1 + 600 GM...
    0 replies | 17 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    Today, 03:11 PM
    Jay Ing replied to a thread Loggerhead Shrike in Avian
    Nice image. Welcome. Actually like the second blade of grass showing here... which, surprises me.
    11 replies | 261 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    Today, 03:10 PM
    Jay Ing replied to a thread Kori Bustard in Avian
    What a bird. Nice capture Stu.
    4 replies | 153 view(s)
  • Jay Ing's Avatar
    Today, 03:07 PM
    Jay Ing replied to a thread Northern Pintail Drake in Avian
    Dig the gave, wings/wings positioning and bkg on this one!
    5 replies | 111 view(s)
  • Bill Dix's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 PM
    Bill Dix replied to a thread Flicker on the Fly in Avian
    Superb flicker shot, Jay. Nothing more to add.
    8 replies | 174 view(s)
  • Paul Burdett's Avatar
    Today, 07:14 AM
    Paul Burdett replied to a thread Eastern Yellow Robin in Avian
    Thanks so much Daniel. Will take a closer look at the upper left corner.
    7 replies | 159 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    Very appealing landing pose! Good BG, sharp details. My only wish is for the tail and far foot to be better illuminated - the light coming slightly...
    5 replies | 111 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:10 PM
    Daniel Cadieux replied to a thread Flicker on the Fly in Avian
    This guy has been digging for ants!! Great pose, and sharp. Full downward wing stroke is ideal, and we get a great look at the red shafted...
    8 replies | 174 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:07 PM
    Daniel Cadieux replied to a thread Bell's Sparrow in Avian
    This is not a species we often see posted! I love that it chose that delicate perch for you, and I love how it is clutching it firmly. Good BG -...
    4 replies | 123 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:00 PM
    Daniel Cadieux replied to a thread Eastern Yellow Robin in Avian
    Nice juicy meal here, and good forest habitat (or urban treed environment?). Good comp, nice colours. A bit of blending in extreme upper left...
    7 replies | 159 view(s)
  • Daniel Cadieux's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    Daniel Cadieux replied to a thread Classical Mute Swan in Avian
    Nothing to add here, except a very elegant image with good suggestions offered. It's nice to concentrate on the local common stuff at times!
    6 replies | 178 view(s)
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